A Manipulator enables you as a researcher or scientist to examine samples under ultra - high vacuum. They are designed for 3 - axial precise movements. Z - axis is called the length axis, x and y are across the length axis. So you can control the sample within a 3 - dimensional room. Positioning the sample is effected by the linear slide and spindle for Z - axis, and for X - Y - axis by the X - Y - table. In addition METALLIC FLEX can offer rotary translators where your sample rotates around the Z - axis as well as tilting movement. The sample holder is thus to manipulate in up to 6 axes.

Design A comprises an X - Y - table on top of the linear shift, this design is for shortest length. The table support is stillstanding while moving X and Y. Design B´s X - Y - table is located in the lower position. The linear shift mechanism moves with the table. Advantage for long Z - axis is to guide the feedtrough in the lower X - Y - table against vibration.

Design R rotates your sample around the Z - axis. It can be manually driven or equipped with a stepper motor. Almost all movements can be actuated by stepper motors of 200 steps or even 40.000 steps per motor axis revoluton.

UHV Manipulation are used for sample positioning and with additional equipment for sample heating and cooling. The samples can be heated by resistance heating, metallic or ceramic up to 1000oC. The Cryostat cools the sample to cryogenic temperatures of 10K.

Manipulators lead samples to exact locations in a vacuum. Rotary Translators allow 360o rotation. With ball - guided cross slide and finely adjustable micrometer screws or even stepper motors, you can position accurately.

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