UHV Manipulation Application

Manipulation means handling of samples inside a vacuum chamber which is closed and leakproof. This is needed for many research projects in the field of:

Atomic and Laser Physics where the Light - matter interaction from high - energy plasmas to ultracold matter and single quantum particles are under exploration

Condensed Matter Physics where the physics of biological systems and the quantum nature of materials are studied

Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics, where physical processes in the atmospheres and oceans of the Earth and other planets are investigated

Thin Film Physics where organic thin - film transistors, epitaxial films to superlattices and nanocomposites, functional ceramics, wear - resistant coatings or structure with highest photocatalytic activity are studied

Manipulation equipment contains a flanged connection to the chamber, a flexible sealing, linear guides and an actor or means for manual driving. We call this arrangement a manipulator or translator.

Depending on the customers requirement the translator can be equipped with a feedthrough, in the form of a probe support unit or cryostat or optical unit.

The manipulator can be placed either on top or in front or underneath the operational chamber. It can be positioned top, top side down or horizontally.

The goal is to feed something through the chamber wall, stay leakproof and allow movements. Translators can simply guide into the chamber or do an additional offset movement. Another function is the control of a pincer which can handle samples or anything which has to be moved in the chamber.

Design and cost is much influenced by temperature and precision. State this as the first in your inquiry. Actuators providing up to 40.000 steps per revolution are available.

Metallic Flex can offer a number of different designs, either for a research assembly or for continous production.

Nevertheless, we supply many designs customized. Send us your enquiry.