Bellows for Mechanical Seals

Edge welded bellows enriches mechanical seals. Where a ceramic ring is pressed against a carbon ring to create a rotary seal the bellows fullfills two functions. It acts as a spring. Pressed to a certain length it reacts with a force which is used as the force to press rings in order to achieve leakproofness. Furthermore the bellows is a leakproof housing. The inner of the housing is protected.

Our welded bellows are manufactured in series for rotary seals. Quality focuses on evenly spreaded spring rate for every bellows. The spring rate controls the force by means of the stroke.

For rotary seals METALLIC FLEX Bellows are made of materials suitable for chemical application as 316L, Hastelloy, Incoloy and Haynes Alloy. They are mostly designed for costumers spec under carefully checking media and temperature.

We supply a high number of different designs, as inner diameter, outer diameter, wall thickness, shape of diaphragms. Better than to use tables, send your enquiry to us. We answer for sure.