Welded Bellows Research

METALLIC FLEX Bellows fullfill typical requirements for research: Cleanliness, Leakproofness and Non-magnetic properties of the material.

In addition the bellows are appropriate for temperatures up to 400°C in order to allow degassing and/or service in hot conditions. Degassing requirements are achieved by best choice of material and cleaning the diaphragms in up to 8 cleaning stations. Therefore our bellows are designed for application in High vacuum or UHV.

Movements are allowed in bellows' length axis, called Z-axis, as well as lateral, which is across the length axis, or angular. Such movements are absorbed in thousands of applications. For UHV, bellows will be equipped with CF-flanges.

METALLIC FLEX Bellows are placed in vacuum equipment where temperatures of 4K occur. There was no defect over the whole project time. The right choice of material enables us to withstand severe service or testing conditions. Ask us for special requirements.

All of our bellows go through material, dimensional and leak proof tests from manufacturing of the material up to delivery to you. Cleanliness, Leakproofness are of highest priority. We offer more then one hundred sizes of bellows ID/OD. Lengths are customized. Ask us for an offer for your project. We can manufacture any length for you.