Guaranteed clean and leak proof: our welded bellows

Welded bellows are elastic, ring - shaped tubular bodies made of metal, which have the task of compensating the lateral and axial movements in a connected vacuum system. However, the compensation of angular deviations is also one of the tasks of welded bellows.

The welded bellows are used in vacuum systems, but also in other systems where small pressure is built up. They can also be installed as a separating diaphragm, for example in hydraulic accumulators, or as corrugated compensators in machines or pipelines. They are made of corrosion - resistant stainless steel. Due to their corrugated wall, they are also known in the industry as metal bellows, edge welded bellows, expansion joints, flexible connectors or corrugated metal tubes.

We offer hundreds of different sizes of welded bellows and customize them individually according to the needs of our customers. Ask us for an offer for your project – our qualified team is eager to help and to advise you.

Our high - quality welded bellows withstand high - pressure vacuum chambers without any problems

Our METALLIC FLEX welded bellows are placed in vacuum feedthrough and other parts of a vacuum chamber systems where temperatures can exceed 400° C. The experienced application engineering, the right choice of material and high - quality tests enables us to maintain secured performance.

In addition, the flexible connectors need to be appropriate for temperatures up to 400° C in order to allow degassing or service in those hot conditions. We achieve this through the best material selection and cleaning of the diaphragms in a number of cleaning stations before they leave our production facilities. This also allows the use of our edge welded bellows for high vacuum or UHV as well.

The welded bellows allows movements in the length axis (Z - Axis), as well as in the direction of the lateral and angular axis. Such movements are absorbed in thousands of applications. For UHV, the bellows will be equipped with CF - flanges.

Trust the expert: METALLIC FLEX offers you the best quality products

We manufacture our welded bellows with the greatest precision and meticulous cleanliness. For special requirements, we manufacture and test in clean rooms. We promise: cleanliness, leakproofness if required non - magnetic properties in the material. Every single piece of our components is tested in our laboratories and undergoes specific tests to ensure their high quality. During the testing phase, cleanliness and leakproofness are our highest priority. After all, this is the only way we can be sure that our components will stand up to and fullfill our customers' requirements.