Linear Translators

The UHV Linear Translator or Linear Feedthrough is a device for handling samples in vacuum chambers used in research and development laboratories.

There are a number of different designs as shown above. Position your sample exact either hand guided or by a motorised actuator. Sizes available are DN16 and DN40, Strokes from 25mm to 1500mm, or even more on your demand.

We offer closed and open design, open means you can feed through your equipment, your sample holder, your cryostat or your sensors, heating cable, cooling lines. On a closed design you can screw on your sample holder or other device which will be exactly positioned through the translator inside the vacuum chamber.

Find certain stroke size given in table, or send us your inquiry for the stroke dimension you need, we will design for you, as we design other features to your requirement. Ask us for high temperature, pressure, precision, different actuator, different design.

Send us your inquiry you get the answer.