ISO - KF - Flange Components

Flanges allow you to connect and disconnect vacuum equipment. The sealing is achieved by elastomer o - Rings.

ISO - KF is also called NW or QF. METALLIC FLEX - parts are in accordance with the standard DIN28403 and ISO2861.

Matching flanges are of same design, called unisex, inbetween is the centerring ring plus Elastomer O - ring. The sealing force is achieved by a clamp in case of a two flange connection or by single claw clamps in case the flange is connected to a plate.

Pressure range is 2.5bar=2500hPa to 10- 7mbar=10- 5Pa, Temperature range is for: - stainless steel 1. 4301/304 parts from - 196oC to 300oC, - stainless steel 1.4404/316L parts from - 196oC to 350oC, - aluminium parts from - 196oC to 150oC, Elastomer FPM/FKM rings from - 15oC to 200oC.

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