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Rotary Feedthroughs

Often rotating movement is required inside a vacuum chamber. Application: transport of substrats for solar panels or glass plates inside the plasma coating chamber, rotating of half dome designed support for coating of mens glasses, mixing of gas in a hermetically closed container.

Magnetofluid rotary feedthroughs, also called ferrofluidic rotary feedthroughs allow the introduction of rotary movements in a vacuum chamber. They are suitable for rapid movements in continuous operation as well as for slow motion for positioning.

The sealing medium is a gel - like fluid containing magnetic particles. Placed within the housing, magnetic pole pieces guarantee to hold back the fluid. As the fluid bedews the surface of the housing, the feedthrough is leakproof even while rotating fastly.

They can be used in pressures ranging from some bar overpressure up to HV high vacuum. Because of possible outgassing of the fluid they are not suitable for UHV. We provide 5 various types in different sizes of Magnetofluid - sealed rotary feedthroughs:

  • Threaded (shaft)
  • With flange (solid or hollow shaft)
  • Flanged - cantilever type (hollow shaft)
  • Cylindrical (hollow shaft)

Nevertheless, we supply many designs customized. Send us your enquiry.