Formed Bellows

Made out of a thin - walled tube, hydroformed bellows are elastic tubing, which are able to compensate movements of connected components . They are designed for vacuum as well as external and internal pressures. The bellows is made ​​of stainless steel and is corrosion resistant.

For vacuum technology we use single - walled bellows only, with a thin layer in order to achieve the maximum movement combined by a low spring force.

METALLIC FLEX - bellows are cleaned and dried in several steps to ensure a problem - free use in vacuum systems.

METALLIC FLEX fulfills your requirements with particular profiles. E.G. one oval bellows for cryo - application, a bellows made of tin bronze for magnetic sensitive applications.

Hydraulically formed bellows are for example used with internal overpressure and outer vacuum. METALLIC FLEX offers the most flexible designs preferred for vacuum technology.

We hold a variety of Bellows with KF flanges and ISO - K flanges ready for you. In addition we keep a number of bellows without flanges in stock. Have a look at our catalogue.