Welded Bellows Industrial

METALLIC FLEX - Bellows are placed in the vacuum industry in many ways. Most common are movable parts of machines which need to keep leakproof of the vacuum against atmosphere. Flexibility and Leakproofness is possible with Bellows. Our bellows consume small dimensions in length. We offer bellows of material which can flex millions of cycles. Even for high cycle application, bellows fullfill requirements of cleanliness, leakproofness and performance.

In machinery for the production of semiconductors as well as in chambers for the generation of thin films, the bellows secures sealing and additionally a constant sealing force. This results from it´s flexible body in combination with it´s own spring force. The bellows are many years in operation at cycle times of often 2 seconds.

Moving and still remain leakproof for UHV is the requirement for the bellows. The most common movement is axial, starting from free length the bellows can be compressed about 80% of its length and about 20% expanded. Angular movements can be performed as well as lateral movement. Please consider that for lateral movement more length is needed. We consider one cycle as one forward and backward movement. On request we supply you a data sheet.

Where substrats are shifted from one chamber to another, gripper arms move or precisely position wafers while they are enclosed by a welded bellows. For the feeding through process of mechanisms or sensors our bellows are used with success. Send us your inquiry.