Seamless Bellows

METALLIC FLEX offers a range of seamless bellows made out of deep drawn tubing. The excellent constant thickness of the tubes guides to excellent performance of the bellows.

Our seamless bellows are characterized by uniformity around the circumference and stable spring rates.

More advantages are obvoius as bellows are closed on the one end by the process of manufacturing. The closed end can be opened and formed into a number of different end designs. This reduces cost! Many applications require such product.

These properties are liked in regulators, thermostats, temperature control units, air pressure control elements, fluid pressure measurement, gas flow control units, accumulators, actuators, transmitters and gas switches.

METALLIC FLEX Seamless bellows helps to design robust and long - lasting control and safety equipment on a sustained basis for industrial use.

Materials available are Phosphor bronze, bronze, brass, stainless steel and alloys for solving customers tasks.

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