High-Quality Components for UHV and Vacuum - Technology

METALLIC FLEX offers you solutions with Bellows, UHV Manipulator, Gate Valve or Rotary-Feedthroughs for precise and reliable movement, sealing, guiding and introducing your samples or substrates into vacuum chambers. A UHV-Manipulator guides samples, a Gate Valve closes and opens a chamber, a rotary feedthrough feeds a rotating shaft into the chamber. A sputtering target is the material for thin film deposition.

Our strength is our experience and our flexibility.

Please send us your enquiry regarding vacuum parts as bellows, flange components, fittings, uhv-manipulation-application, feedthroughs, high vacuum pumps, gate valves, angle valves, sputter targets, evaporation materials, expansion joints.

We offer a wide range of products for vacuum application, which are placed in sophisticated appliances of wellknown companies worldwide. Be convinced by the following pages. Send us your request, we answer.

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Our Major Product Range

Bellows and Formed Bellows

METALLIC FLEX Bellows flexibilize plants for coating technology and research. They allow movements for easy assembly, for easy opening or moving and are UHV-tight. Our bellows can be designed for 3 meter stroke or they can be flat as a flounder. They work day and night in vacuum equipment built by premium manufacturers for continuous save operation. We deliver edge welded bellows as well as Formed Bellows in excellent quality. We proudly look back to 20 years experience.

ISO Flange / CF Flange Components

METALLIC FLEX provides you standardized flange components for quick and low cost assembly.Expect a wide spectrum of ISO-Flange-Components and CF-Flange-Components in our shop.

Vacuum - Feedthroughs

METALLIC FLEX Vacuum-Feedthroughs work with magneto-fluid elements. They seal shaft feedthroughs in vacuum chambers against atmosphere. The Vacuum-Feedthroughs allow fast rotation of a shaft whilst it keeps totally leakproof.

UHV - Manipulator

The METALLIC FLEX manipulators and linear translators are vacuum tight feedthroughs that allow movement in the longitudinal or transverse direction. For example the linear translator guides a probe inside a leakproof vacuum chamber from position z1 to z2. The movement is controlled precisely from the outside. The manipulator is able to position in 3 axes, with additional equipment in up to 6 axes.


METALLIC FLEX Angle Valves for UHV and HV are available with ISO or CF-flanges and to your choice manually or pneumatically actuated. The offered valves are of experienced design for reliable service. They work day and night - even at long intervals.

Sputteringtargets and Evaporation Material

Do you deposit thin films? For research and industrial applications of coating technology METALLIC FLEX delivers reliable sputtering targets and evaporation materials.