Gate Valves

METALLIC FLEX Gate Valves combines the advantage of a big opening and short length. Both features are positively for flow of gas, which means conductance is high. METALLIC FLEX Gate Valves can be operated manually or by pneumatic force. For pneumatic actuators, solenoids are available for electrically controlled opening and closing . Position indicators inform your control system about closed or opened positions.

METALLIC FLEX Vacuum Valves are made of stainless steel. The sealing of the actuator is a welded bellows, the sealing of the sealing plate is a FPM-O-Ring. Pressures are possible up to 10-9hPa, temperature 5oC to 150oC, degassing up to 200oC.

Sizes are available from DN40 to DN320, Flanges ISO or CF. For Rectangular Gate valves sizes are customized. Our valves are optimized designed both cost effective and long term oriented.

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